Bali to Don Det

I’ll break my silence finally since I finally feel ready to do so. For the past few months I have had absolutely too much to say and no idea where to start. I was overwhelmed a bit by keeping up with my freelancing and still truly living in the moment and enjoying the experiences I was a part of. I admit it, I was having way too much fun learning to surf and soaking in Bali life that I took a break from this project. I’m learning that sometimes it’s important to just soak in the moments while you’re in them. Now I’m ready to share them with you!


A Brief Overview

I will share more experiences over time but for now, I’ll catch you up on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing for the past few months. It’s been a really fun, difficult and eye-opening adventure so far!


Starting off on the Right Foot

My time as a fearful newbie ended quickly after meeting an amazing person who really encouraged and inspired me. Lindsay and I met because of a travel group and later found out we were in the same online business program. She left Bali soon after I started surf camp and I’m convinced that we met for a reason, even if it was only to give me encouragement and hope for the adventure I had recently started. She had been doing the traveling and working thing longer and just had a peaceful and exciting energy that got me more energized and inspired about what I was doing.


Surf Camp

I can hardly begin to explain how amazing surf camp was. There were a lot of ups and downs but the whole experience was very worth it and the best way I could start my time in Bali. I’m nowhere near a natural at surfing so it was a struggle for me. My fear of water held me back a lot but with the help of the really patient and caring surf guides, I was surfing “green waves” and conquering fears daily. I cried a lot (sorry guys) but I also learned so much about resilience and patience. It’s a hard sport but it’s SO worth it. Needless to say, I’m addicted.



I spent about 2 weeks in Malaysia working at a hostel which was a totally new and slightly random experience. I met some amazing humans through it and went on an unforgettable adventure with one of them. Shout out to the daring Luise, who braved a night camping on the beach, twirling in magical glittering water and talking about God and life with me. Definitely a top 10 memorable moment in life for me.


My First Visitors!

When I returned from Malaysia, my parents came to meet me in Bali and do some exploring around the island. From the epic beaches and sunsets of Uluwatu to the peaceful jungles of Ubud and the magical reefs of Lembongan, we really turned the island upside-down. With the help and guidance of my awesome local friend Adi and his family, it was an amazing and memorable few weeks that went by way too fast.


Settling Down

I spent the next couple months living in a cheap homestay and getting caught up on work and surfing. I had fun making a makeshift kitchen and decorating the bed and walls to make it more home-ish. It was perfect because it wasn’t far from the surf camp and in an area I was familiar with. Scooter driving was also something I started to work on with the help of my fearless friend Adi. I have to admit that I’ve been avoiding driving myself at all costs but this chick has to learn how to scoot if she’s going to live in Bali.


My Second Visitor!

One of my best friends came out to visit me in Bali for a few weeks to chill before we left on our next adventures. Nina and I climbed a volcano, surfed, explored Lembongan and ate a ton of Padang food before leaving Bali. We set up our visas and flights and jetted off to Myanmar to start our next 2.5 months of traveling around Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


Where Am I Now?

Currently, I’m sitting on a little Island in the middle of the Mekong river and loving the relaxed atmosphere of Don Det, Laos. We just came from some crazy cool experiences in Myanmar and Thailand. From miles of temples and floating villages to loving on some rescued elephants, we have some great stories to tell!



Nina and I still have quite a long way to go on our little whirlwind trip. We leave Laos tomorrow to go explore Cambodia and then on to Southern Thailand. I’ll be posting more stories and tips on where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to so stay tuned!



Back to my pineapple shake now.





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