The Road to Nowhere

After the much needed recharging and catch-up time at my first hotel on Kuta beach, I hopped over to another hotel that was more centrally located in Seminyak (and cheaper). It was a little less polished but still had a great rooftop view where I could perch with a coffee or fresh juice to watch the sunset every day. The plus side of this hotel being a little more in the city and not quite as comfy, was that it encouraged me to shift my full-time status as rooftop creeper to a part-time position and begin venturing out to exploring my new world.

I went “grocery shopping” at various mini-marts to stock up on food I could make in my hotel room. This ended up with me eating endless amounts of noodle cups of various flavors and varieties (there are so many here!). I think the one with chicken and lime was my favorite. I also came back with some interesting flavored chips and an odd looking snack that consisted of just bread, a butter spread and sprinkles. I was clearly the perfect example of health and nutrition over the next few days.

The next adventure was to buy a sim card for my phone. I ended up getting pointed in multiple directions and never actually found what I was looking for. What I did find, however, were a great deal of people on the street offering to sell me Xanax and valium. Not really what I was looking for but thanks guys. The sim card would have to wait.

I also connected with a couple other travelers nearby. This was the highlight of my first few days in town. Solo travel is exciting and beautiful but it can be so much fun to share experiences with others. I took a little back alley detour on my way to meet up with a fellow traveler at her hostel nearby. I really didn’t plan to go down a dark alley or anything and in all fairness my map told me it was a legit street. But apparently people can build houses in the middle of legit streets and Google doesn’t always realize that.

So there I was, after hearing about a fellow traveler getting her purse snatched the night before and a taxi driver telling me not to go down the dark roads alone and to not carry a purse at night. I set off down this little dark road with my kitty brass knuckle key chain in one hand and my purse tucked under my dress. I must have looked ridiculous when I came to the “dead end” or house in the middle of the road and a private security guy approached me. I thought about running away when I saw him but something told me to trust him so I showed him my phone and he kindly showed me the way I should go and told me to be careful. Too late, but duly noted.

I did end up finding the hostel without any more mishaps and had a yummy dinner there before heading out for a relaxing night chilling on the lawn at the popular Potato Head Beach Club. I grabbed some fruity smoothie with peanut milk in it (YUM!) and we chatted about travel and our current adventures while watching heat lightning light up the sky over the ocean that was perfectly framed with swaying palm trees.

I’d say that’s a pretty good way to end a day.


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