Welcome To My Eventyr!

I began this adventure with passport in hand, way too much luggage strewn around me and a hopeful fluttering of butterflies in my head and heart. It really all started over a year ago but this wasn’t planning anymore, this was doing. With a one-way ticket in hand, I was actually leaving my family, friends, career and home. How absurd is that? But how adventurous too! In my opinion, the adventure outweighs the absurdity of it all but my mind isn’t quite made up on that, maybe it never will be and that’s okay!

Let me just say that although I technically write for a living now, starting this blog was one of the hardest things to do. For a while I was determined NOT to start a blog simply because there are a bajillion other travel blogs out there and I just didn’t want it taking up valuable working and adventuring time. As you can see, those excuses ended up failing and here I am with yet another travel blog.

For those who don’t know, I blogged when I was living in Morocco and again when I lived in France. I loved it but I also had no idea what I was doing and let it overwhelm me. I’m pretty sure I never saw those blogs through to the end of either trip. This inconclusive blogging track record, along with the fact that I have a much more critical way of viewing my writing, have both been factors in my hesitancy to start a new blog.

However, in the interest of my reinvention and learning process, here it is: My Eventyr blog. It will have everything from updates on what I’m doing to packing lists and reviews. I plan to use this as an outlet for myself, a tool that other travelers can refer to (because I have referred to countless travel blogs while preparing to travel) and hopefully a source of inspiration, amusement and encouragement to anyone who stumbles across it.

This will not be a perfectly tidy blog because, who has time to be perfect anyway?

There are waves and waterfalls out there calling my name! I’m new to this whole website thing so bear with me while I work some kinks out and feel free to drop me a line if you have any suggestions or see any issues. In the meantime, I really hope you enjoy it because I’m super excited to share my new adventure with you!

Time to go surfing so it’s time to press publish!



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